Sunglasses and Shoes To Match a Fashionista

Fashionable Rachel Bilson

Fashionable Rachel Bilson

Every fashionista has their own unique style. One of the best accessories to wear is sunglasses that can be easily paired with shoes. It is fun to dress up because there are so many varieties to choose from. It adds more jazz to a simple outfit and gives a woman an extra oomph when walking down the street. It gives a statement as well when worn well with good shoes.

There are some signature brands that actually produce sunglasses that can be paired with shoes. Compared to cheap sunglasses and shoes, buying from big labels such as Luis Vuitton, Dior, or Chanel is a good investment because they will last a long time.

These designer brands produce shoes and sunglasses for their customers that are meant for pairing. However, not all can afford buying expensive brands. Still women can pair their items together without having to buy from these designers. Here are a few suggestions on how to match your sunglasses with your shoes to make that lasting fashion statement:

  • Choose the same color of the sunglasses and the shoes from your wardrobe or from a shop. If you are wearing brown then match both items that are the same shade of brown. If you are wearing red sunglasses then match it with the same hue as your shoes. Mismatched colors on both items on your face and your feet don’t look good.
  • Select sunglasses that have the same embellishment that is on shoes. Perhaps a rhinestone or a metal embellishment on both items so that both will be a perfect pair.  These make both items unique because it gives an edge to any basic or classic design.
  • There are sunglasses that have patterned prints. Buy shoes that have the same design like checkered or houndstooth. If you prefer more fashionable items then this is the way to go. There are even crazier styles if you are willing to go all out and show them off to other people.
  • If you prefer classic designs, buy sunglasses in neutral colors. Shoes should also be in these colors like black or brown. Basics are the best way to look classy yet stylish.

Be creative. Have fun when pairing your sunglasses with shoes. Mix and match both items. Be careful when buying cheap sunglasses since it might not have the UVA or UVB protection that you need to protect your eyes and surrounding skin from the sun.

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