Fashionable Maternity Dresses for Work

Soon-to-be mothers who are working need to find clothes that are ideal for their condition while maintaining the dress code for their workplaces. Maternity dresses are a great choice for this dual purpose. There is a wide range of brands that offer different styles yet are still comfortable and functional as well as presentable to wear in the office. There are two main brands that are popular in the market. But aside from Japanese Weekend and Maternal America, Angel Maternity is also well-known.

Angel Maternity Cap Sleeves Fully Lined Maternity Dress

Angel Maternity Cap Sleeves Fully Lined Maternity Dress

Japanese Weekend

This designer brand is known for its dresses which are stylish and classic. Two of its well-designed dresses that embody professionalism while still being comfortable are:

  • Scoop V Maternity/Nursing Dress- This design is known for its versatility. It can be worn on different occasions, depending on what you wear with it and can also be worn during all the stages of pregnancy as it is made of bamboo and spandex combination fabric, making it stretchy. It is also good during the fall or the winter and is available in two colors: eggplant and black.
  • D&A Cross Front Maternity/Nursing Dress- This dress has a V-Neck front providing a great access for nursing yet not too revealing. Pairing it with heels and cardigan will complete the look for an office-ready outfit.

 Maternal America

Maternal America makes dresses which are a combination of the latest trends and the classic styles of maternity dresses. They offer a wide variety of styles that are fashionable and appropriate for the workplace. Their most known dresses are:

  • Scoop Neck Front Tie Dress- It has a figure flattering cut at the same time suitable for to wear in the office with its three-fourths lengths sleeves. It has an adjustable front tie sash and is available in two color combinations: a black spandex and herringbone and a navy blue and jeans combination. Wearing it with heels and tights completes the outfit.
  • Knit Cheetah Dress- This has a V-Neck cut that may be too revealing that wearing a camisole underneath it would be more apt for the workplace. It also has a three-fourths lengths sleeve with a knee-length hemline and its animal prints are done in shades of blue. Pair it with flats and the desired office look of fashionable while being comfortable will be achieved.

An expectant working mother should take lots of factors into consideration in buying a maternity dress or maternity tops for work. Comfort is a given but style, versatility and work-appropriateness should also be considered.

Cardigans, flats and heels will help in making outfits more stylish but still maintain its being functional. The length of the sleeves and a knee-length hemline should also be considered. Lastly, wear jewellery that is not too flattering for the workplace and the office look is accomplished. With the market offering a variety of choices, various brands offering wide ranges of styles, it is up to the accessories worn with it how the final look will be. Nevertheless, maternity dresses have become a staple and a favorite among women.

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