10 Affordable and Sweet Gifts Ideas for Thanksgiving

10 Affordable and Sweet Gifts Ideas for Thanksgiving

The countdown for Thanksgiving has already started. Everyone seems to be busy now and excited preparing for this special holiday.  It’s the season of appreciation of each others hard work and  even the smallest deeds you did to others do matters; celebrating success and feeling thankful for all the good things in life.

Giving gifts is one way you can show your gratitude to your near and dear. If you are still looking for a  gift,  try these 10 affordable and sweet Thanksgiving gifts idea I prepared for you below:

  1. A Happy Jar

This is a sweet and thoughtful gift idea that you may want to give to someone.  Fill the jar with your heartfelt thankful messages. Write it all down in a small pieces of paper and you may also include writing some encouragements and compliments. Pretty sure,  the person who will receive this will be touched by reading all your sweet messages.

Another present that I’m sure everyone will love to receive – a jar of cookies!  It’s made with love from the kitchen. There are plenty of DIY and recipes available in internet that you can try.

  1. A Bouquet of Flowers

thanksgiving flowers

They say that flowers has a magical power to make things better. A bouquet of flowers is also a good idea of saying thank you to a friend. If you have no idea of what kind of flowers you should give,  here are the best one:

  • Yellow Roses

A bouquet of yellow roses is a perfect way to say thank you. This flower is a the symbol of joy and friendship.  It also sends a message of new beginnings and happiness. Definitely,  your recipient will love this.

  • Sweet Peas

Sending your friends a bouquet of delicate sweet peas means your are thankful for the lovely time you spent them.  This flower also means you appreciate their efforts.

  • Hydrangeas (Purple)

If you want to show your gratitude to your friend who is being understanding to you. This flower is a good idea because this means, “thank you for your understanding.”

  • Iris

The iris flower is also a perfect gift for saying thank you to a friend. The meaning of this flower are “Your friendship means so much to me. ” and “My compliments.”

  1. A Gift Certificate (or eGift Certificate)

This has become a vogue nowadays.  A free grande Caffee Vanilla Frappuccino with Everything Bagel with Cheese is a sweet treat you can give to someone you are thankful for..  So,  why not purchase a GC or eGC from Starbucks? Your friend will be happy.

  1. A Customize Mug

This awesome idea seems cute and simple. I just show this DIY in pinterest.  Imagine that you can make designs, notes or message maybe in a white mug? This might be a good idea to brighten up your friend’s after seeing a note  “Thank You” every day.

  1. An Inspirational Book

I realized that like the flowers,  books can a best idea for a gift, specially if your friend is a bookish person.  There a varieties of inspirational books that you can choose from. Just choose the best.

  1. Hoverboard

If you are having a hard time thinking of a gift for the guys you love, try the hoverboard. Nothing can beat the excitement of having one of your own. It’s fun to use and definitely worth every penny!

  1. A Photo Coasters

You don’t need to spend tons of bucks just for a present if you can make the cutest photo coaster ever. It’s inexpensive idea and fun thing to do at home. There are many DIY that you can find on how to make a photo coaster. Your friend might love this!

  1. A Handmade Stationery

If your recipient loves to write and collects stationery and notebooks, well I suggest you to made her a homemade stationary. I’m sure she will appreciate it since you made it yourself. You can find many DIY stationary ideas in internet.

  1. A Handmade Jewelries

If you have skills in jewelry making,  you may want to use your craft and creativeness like in making a DIY bracelets for a gift. Perhaps,  this is another affordable gift idea you may want to consider.

  1. A Box of Chocolates

Of course,  who will not be happy to receive a chocolate gift?  This is sweet and easiest idea you can give to your friends. It’s sound a great idea as well to try a DIY homemade chocolates.


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